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Fierce rivals and their wars

Posted by admin On July - 26 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Mobile technology has been a hotbed of patent litigation in recent years, with Apple Inc , Microsoft, Motorola, Samsung and Nokia locked in legal fights over the property rights on multitouch screens, product designs and – in lawsuits aimed at Google’s Android – the operating system on mobile devices. Mobile technology has been a hotbed of patent litigation in recent years, with Apple, Microsoft, Motorola, Samsung and Nokia locked in legal battles over the property rights to scrolling... (more...)

An unverified report out of the Far East suggests Apple is planning to make “small revisions” to its third-generation iPad, such as an enlarged lens orifice and switches to the battery to keep the device from overheating, later this year. Supply chain sources have shown to DigiTimes that Apple will likely release the updated iPad “around the holiday season.” “The sources said the new iPad’s battery is being revised, which will help prevent overheating issues and... (more...)

    Apple has filed for a patent on an iPhone headset accessory that would function wirelessly via Bluetooth and could connect to the handset to charge or switch to use as a wired handset. AppleInsider uncovered the application early on Thursday after it was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The application suggests at Apple’s refreshed interest in creating its own Bluetooth headset, though, it should be pointed out that the company frequently patents inventions that never... (more...)

Apple has shown interest in making it easier for consumers to properly configure a surround sound system to get the best sound out of their home theater setup. The details were disclosed this week in a patent application discovered by AppleInsider named “Multi-Channel Sound Panner.” The filing was made with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office inMarch of this year, and is a divisional application of a filing first made in 2007 This invention describes a software sound “panner”... (more...)

If Apple launches a smaller iPad model with a 7.85-inch display, the less expensive device could actually outsell the current 9.7-inch model, according to one analyst. Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets doesn’t think a so-called “iPad mini” would cannibalize an important number of sales of the existing iPad. At worst, he considers the smaller, cheaper iPad affecting 20 percent of sales of the current model, a cannibalization number he called “relatively minor.” But... (more...)

Judge Richard Posner, who recently dismissed Apple’s patent violation case case against Motorola, believes the smartphone industry is plagued by a “proliferation of patents.” Posner, who is on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago, reported on Reuters and shared his thoughts on the intellectual property war currently underway in the heavily competitive smartphone market. The judge doubted about the necessity of software patents , because developing software requires less... (more...)

As Google prepares the Nexus 7 for shipping, more information about the new tablet and newest version of Android is appearing. Unlike earlier versions of Android, Google has stopped some of the tablet bits. Many tablet enthusiasts, have orders for a Nexus 7 tablet in the queue at Google waiting for shipping to begin. The new tablet is an outright bargain for the advanced design and hardware. While the shipping date is drawing soon, 2 – 3 weeks, claims Google, more information about the Nexus... (more...)

The July 4 holiday may not have been so cheerful for some iOS and Mac fans, who had to contend with  corrupt app updates from Apple’s App Store, according to reports. While Apple prides itself on a trusted environment for app users and an in-depth approval process, Instapaper developer Marco Arment complained Wednesday that just after releasing the latest Instapaper update, users reported immediate crashes on launch. “This doesn’t make sense,” Arment wrote on his blog. “Obviously,... (more...)

Zachary Levi talks about Spike Video Game Awards

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Zachary Levi managed to perform during the Oscars. Now he wishes to repeat the feat during the Spike Video Game Awards. “As a gamer, I definitely want to bring as much legitimacy and respect to the game community as I possibly can,” said the “Chuck” star, who is known to have performed one of the songs from Disney’s “Tangled” with Mandy Moore earlier this year at the Academy Awards. The man is soon going to be the host of Saturday’s ninth annual Spike... (more...)